From a gastronomic point of view, where better to spoil yourself than in France, where every region has its own specific local produce. French cuisine is appreciated world wide.

As you walk through the “garrigues”, with its wild, unspoilt nature, you will discover the scent of the Provencal herbs: marjoram, thyme, bean herb, rosemary, basil, sage and lavender flower. They are for sale in all the local market places. Their smell creates a longing for a nice barbecue.

A special meal needs a good wine. In France, the Languedoc is often called the “sleeping giant”, because up until the nineteen seventies,its wines had “only” the reputation of “table wines”.
Since then, places like Minervois, La Livinière, Corbières, Fitou,… have become known for high quality wines. So how can you better end a day trip than with a visit to a “Château” for a wine tasting? You will be welcomed by one of our owners who with a lot of passion, will tell you (your tour guide will translate) about their vineyards and the production of their wine. They will guide you to the places where grapes are cultivated, wines are made, matured, and bottled; and at the end, you will be invited to taste some of their wines.

Not only wine, but also other products deserve your attention.
Crossing the country of Occitania, , you will encounter some beautiful, old olive trees. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for the growth and the production of this precious fruit. Visiting an olive nursery you will learn everything about the harvesting and the production of olive oil and you will have the opportunity to taste different olives, oils and tapenades.

Another typical regional product is the "truffle", the toadstool under the forest floor, which grows on the roots of various types of trees. This delicacy is mainly found in the Montagne Noire. There is the possibility to learn much about this delicacy.

Finally there are the oyster nurseries, in the salt lakes such as the "Étang de Thau". These can be visited. Would you like to experience a tasting during a boat trip on the lake?