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    Welcome in Occitania
    Unique excursions into the heart of the Languedoc
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    A tour of the Middle Ages
    About castles and abbeys,
    kings and knights,
    the Cathars and the Holy Graal
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    Nature tour
    Walking or biking in the mountains,
    through canyons, garrigues,
    salt lakes, vineyards,
    along the “Canal du Midi”
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    Wine, olives, truffles, Provencal herbs
Welcome in Occitànya: unique excursions into the heart of the Languedoc

Occitania offers you a range of options for your visit to this beautiful region in the South of France. This is the area where the people spoke the Occitan Language (Langue d’Occitania). Apart from its pleasant climate and beautiful beaches this area has much to offer, regardless of age or interest. Our experienced tour guide who has lived in the area for many years will show you the many hidden treasures of Occitani.

Whether you wish to tour alone, as a couple or with a family or larger group we can offer you something to fit your holiday needs. Or you may prefer to look on our ‘facebook’ page at Occitanya to see if there is a planned tour you might like to join.

Make contact with us by using the contact form: and in that way you can let us know if you would like to participate in an already planned day trip. If you would prefer you could ask us to plan a particular trip to suit you or your friends/group. We are happy to organize one day or multiple day tours.

The rates are 120 Euro per day regardless of the size of the group, up to a maximum size of 54. . More details about what and what not is included, you can find here.

Of course, one day will consist of several visits or activities. That’s why we invite you to take a look at our extensive range of offers that you will find below.

A tour through History

During a trip with Occitanya, history literally comes to life. Even small children will not forget a trip to the dark ages! A tour with a diverse range of castles, abbeys, medieval fortified villages and cities with fascinated stories about the Cathars, Templar knights, Troubadours, and life during the middle ages will charm you and your companions

A nature tour

Whether your preference is mountains, countryside or coastlands you will discover it all in this region. . Within a driving a driving distance of less than 60 kilometres from our departure point, you can visit a diverse range of nature reserves: vineyards, canyons, caves, salt lakes, “garrigues” and mountains. Our walks are adapted to suit every level

Adventure tour

Because of its variety of wonderful natural phenomena, there is plenty of adventure to experience,. There is a big range of nature walks, such as the ever popular river canyon walk, and we also offer bicycle tours, along the canal, as well as in the mountains. It’s also possible to do horse riding, kayaking


Vacation also means “relaxation” to a lot of people, so what about a picnic in the unspoilt countryside on the edge of a river, while children can play in the water? Or a relaxing day cruise aboard a beautifully restored sailing ship, enjoying a glass of wine in the shade of the plane trees along the banks of the "Canal du Midi" and the stunning views over the picturesque vineyards

Gastronomy and hospitality

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, a number of typical regional products will always be somewhere on the menu. Both the gourmets and the kitchen princes (and princesses) will want to learn more about the Provencal herbs that you can find here in the wild "garrigues". Not to mention the wide range of wines from the Minervois, or the growing of olives and oysters, and learning where exactly the truffles comes from